Ready To Brew +6

  • Dame Neko American Dark Strong
  • My Pet Skeleton IPA
  • Chihuahua Borracha Barleywine
  • Non-Player Character Kolsch Style Ale
  • Peanut Butter Toast Ale
  • Strawberry Toast Ale

Primary Fermentation +1

  • Away From Keyboard Amber Ale

Secondary Fermentation +0

Bottle / Keg Conditioning +0

  • 0

Ready To Drink +2

  • Strawberry Skull IPA
  • Critical Hit IPA

Brew Day 2.16.13

Today we are brewing Smoke Ale and To Each His Own Amber Ale.

The Denton County Homebrewers Guild

We joined the DCHG. Can’t wait to drink more of the delicious home brewed ales, wines, mead, and teas from everyone there in the Denton County Homebrewers Guild.
Went to our first meeting last Saturday. Here are a few links. If anyone is interested please “like”.

I recall trying a Belgian Quad ale, a delicious American IPA, some mead made with Juniper berries if I remember right… and many more refreshing drinks.
All brewed at home by good people. I am really looking forward to the next event.

June 16th – Big Brew Day – DCHG